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Our Monthly Newsletters for 2015!

December 2015

Merry Christmas  and a Happy New Year from Waukesha Foot Specialists! 
It's colder and the threat of snow makes us want to head indoors! For December, we want to encourage people to keep their feet warm with proper footwear, especially people who have diabetes. Diabetic socks are great for keeping feet warm and helps with the prevention of ulcers and other foot wounds. ​Remember to take it easy over the holidays, and give your feet a break if they start to hurt. If foot pain won't leave you alone, don't forget that we're here to help.

November 2015

Ready for some turkey? Happy Thanksgiving!
Did you know November is National Diabetes Awareness Month? Since diabetes is a rising concern in our country and around the world, we want to make sure you know about what you should look for if you are ever diagnosed with this disease. Watch for any tingling or numb feelings, as this is a sign or neuropathy and nerve damage in your feet. If you notice these symptoms in your feet, it's time to stop by our office for some professional foot care advice!

October 2015

October is a beautiful time of year, with all of the colorful leaves on the tree and the crisp air. It makes you want to take a walk through the park, unless you have foot pain. We often see people with sprained ankles this time of year, especially from athletes partipipating in sports events. If you did take a tumble that resulted in an ankle sprain, you can take time to wrap it with a bandage to help support your lower limbs while it heals. Read our newsletter for directions, or come to our office for additional help.

September 2015

With fall, there are plenty of sports seasons that are beginning or already under way. We help plenty of athletes with their training to help ensure they avoid injuries to their foot, ankle, and Achilles tendon. If you aren't an athlete, you should still take time to exercise and pay attention to your body. Exercise can help prevent foot and ankle conditions when done correctly, but make sure you see us immediately if you notice any pain that prevents you from enjoying your favorite activities.

August 2015

They may be tiny, but bunionettes on the outside of your foot can make even a regular day unbearable! Our August newsletter gives plenty of tips for dealing with pain caused by bunionettes, along with just the every day aches and pains. Don't forget that children can have foot pain, too! Watch out for a common cause of heel pain called Sever's disease. Our office is always ready to help, so give us a call!

July 2015

When it comes to hammertoes, it's better to treat them in their earliest stages. Simply buying and wearing shoes with a wider toe box and avoiding high heels along with a few stretches, and your toes should feel the difference! If you're into running, you could even look into running barefoot to help avoid uncomfartable shoes. Make sure you pay attention to your feet, though, because going barefoot could increase your risk of injury if you're not careful. Don't forget that jumping in the pool for some exercise can help give your feet a break through low impact exercises. We hope you enjoy your Fourth of July!

June 2015

Do you know what your feet say about you? How about your footprints? If you take the time to look at the impression they leave, they can tell you if you have flat feet, high arches, or have completely normal feet. If you do have flat feet or high arches, call our office for recommendations on what kind of shoes you should buy or see us for a pair of custom orthotics! Buying the right type of footwear can help prevent future foot and ankle problems after all! Don't forget about Father's Day, and stay safe during this first, hot summer month!

May 2015

We've waited long enough, and now the wonderful weather is here. This means we can finally enjoy our time outside! Have you considered starting a running routine? Just make sure your take care of your feet and ankles. If you find you have sore feet, try something that will give your feet a break, such as riding a bicycle. Don't forget that your children can have injuries as well, so don't forget to keep an eye out for clues that  they may be injured. Keep safe this month, and we hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

April 2015

The weather has warmed up, so it's official: spring is here! Whatever you do, though, don't forget about your foot care. Since the snow had melted and there is plenty of wet weather around the corner, be sure to keep an eye out for fungal infections like athlete's foot or fungal nails. If you need help managing your feet so you can show them off during sandal season, ask our office for tips. Don't forget to enoy your spring break!

March 2015

The weather is finally starting to warm up, which means this is the perfect time to get out and enjoy a nice run, even in the rain! Learn how to care for your feet, even in the rainy weather. After your done with your workout outside, take time to fill out your brackets with March Madness! Don't forget that an ankle sprain can affect a basketball player's game! Don't forget about arthritis in your feet or eating a healthy diet, we have great tips concerning these topics as well.

February 2015

Looking to stay active during the winter? Try cross country skiing or skating in an ice rink! Just make sure your skates fit well, otherwise you might have a painful time with a condition called Haglund's deformity. While we're at it, we'll give you tips for keeping your feet warm, which will help prevent frostbite.

Janaury 2015

With the weather getting worse, having foot surgery gives you the perfect excuse to stay indoors where it's nice and warm! If you weren't looking at surgery, then now might be a time to make great New Year's resolutions for a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle helps give you healthy feet! You can even view our newsletters for great tips on preventing gout or buying winter boots!

Our Monthly Newsletters for 2014!


December 2014

This month is dedicated to helping you prevent ingrown toenails so you can avoid giving your toes a nickname like Rudolph the Red-Toed Reindeer. Along with information on preventing ingrown toenails, we're providing tips for keeping your feet healthy and safe during the harsh winter months.

November 2014

This month is national diabetes month, which helps inform everyone about how diabetes affects your body. If you have diabetes, one particular area you'll want to check more are your feet, especially since this disease can cause quite a few complications in your lower limbs.


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